About Us

About Us

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DSHTRANS provides customized solutions to meet all your road transport issues in Morocco, Africa and Europe. We are suggesting to you transport solutions upon special requests or solutions for a predefined frequency, that are specifically designed to fit your Company’s activity.
We are offering attractive and competitive rates;that best suit your requirements thanks to the optimization of transport flows of our customers.
DSH TRANS has constantly evolved by expanding its range of turnkey services thanks to its strength in transportation and logistics field.
Our team of experts assists you throughout the transport chain and will sketch a service designed to meet your needs. Thus, we are providing you with logistics solutions that have proven their effectiveness such as new vehicles meeting the latest standards, storage warehouses, IT tracking tool, etc.


DSHTRANS is still belonging to the members of the founding family, ensuring their independence that is certainly a key of success for the company. Indeed, burnishing a long-term vision and point out the choice of a stable and lasting strategy in an ultra-financialised world is the real privilege for an independent company. Thus, over the years, the leaders have developed and built a solid Company.


The DSHTRANS Transport has succeeded mainly nationally & internationally in adjusting its operations to comply with the markets and the given opportunities. However, we are aspiring to preserve and sustain the family business whose distinctive feature has always been a strong customer relationship.
The DSHTRANS Awareness of the necessity to provide customized, scalable solutions is continually improving the quality of its services.
The proven effectiveness through custom-tailored solutions for our clients:

  • Fulfillment of commitments and service-minded through a trust-based relationship
  • Guaranteed delivery deadlines
  • The Wholeness of the carried goods
  • Dealing with unexpected events
  • The continuous innovation of our offer and services in order to meet the needs of our customers: Simultaneous tracking system, purchase of modern trucks that ensure compliance with environmental and noise regulations in force.
  • Optimal safety by ensuring good working conditions for our employees
Our team is yielding proficiency, listening and responsiveness in serving our customers. The continuous evolution of markets and of our company’s activity has enabled us to enhance our resources and expertise which made it possible for us offer tailored logistics and clients’ customized solutions and matching their field of activity, and providing an effective work organization.
Our staff is highly involved in our approach. Each one of our employees is aware of his/her key role in our service quality objective provided to the client.
Our approach based on a close and trusting relationship with our customers and resources optimization combined with our organization allows us to better understand new international nowadays markets, or our commitment towards the protection of the environment.
As a socially responsible company, DSHTRANS take into account social concerns in its managerial policy. The whole team works daily to achieve the diversity and equal opportunities, human rights and labor and training goals.
Priority has been granted to the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases and the improvement of working conditions (safety and security policy)...

our Guarantees

  • The cold chain

    Given the fact, we are respecting food safety, the road code, regulation and the quality of subcontracting which constitute the constraints that our Company is controlling and anticipating.

  • Information Tracking

    Geo-tracking enables real-time the vehicles and goods’ movements visualization, including potential incidents.

  • Drivers’ Activity

    Our so-called in-house "regulation" service is continuously monitoring the adequacy of the legal obligations with the usage of the vehicles’ operation.

  • Product Tracking

    All our vehicles are equipped with temperature meters functioning 24H / 24 and 7/7 days. Tracking goods is computerized and systematic in every step of the production process. Last but not least, our work sites and equipment are cleaned on daily basis before each loading operation.

  • Security

    Warning and alert system in case of door openings while driving.

  • Quality

    of Subcontracting: DSH TRANS resorts to subcontractors in order to ensure flexibility and optimal effectiveness under any circumstances. A rigorous specification has been chalked out to connect us with our Subcontractors to ensure a full guarantee to our customers.


  • A coherent transport service that includes quality, deadlines and security,

  • Comprehensive and custom-tailored logistics solutions,

  • A team of experts at your disposal,

  • A guaranteed assistance 24h / 24, 7d/7,

  • A reliable national & international network.

    Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions.