Our services

Our services

Transport is playing a key role in the supply chain and reinforcement of effectiveness and nowadays, it is said to be a major challenge for companies.


Equipment & Raw materials, cosmetic products, household equipment, chemical products ... Whatsoever your mission might be…we strive to offer you the best service, from freight control to pick upstage until delivery.

DSHTRANS creates freight shipment that sounds most suitable for your deadlines, safety and cost. Not only that, but it takes into consideration other concerns in a global service approach :

  • National Transport
  • International transport
  • Logistics
  • Providing vehicles with driver

Our teams immediately answer your call, day and night. DSHTRANS is offering the most suitable transport and logistics solution to your specifications: We are assuring you transport services without breaking load or grouping in an optimal security conditions. Pickup and delivery operations are immediately conducted or performed at agreed times.

The forwarding brokers’ networks to which we are belonging allows us to deploy the resources you need across MOROCCO, Europe and Africa, and enable us to be just as responsive as with light vehicle or heavyweight vehicle.

Willing to satisfy each customer, DSHTRANS has constantly improved its quality protocol and its operational performance to ensure the reliability of the operations’ flow needed for the successful fulfillment of the services.

In addition, practically several processes are implemented as follows:

  • Verification by means of commitments respected in transport
  • Information report in the event of any discrepancy
  • Involving each member of our team in respecting our working methods
  • Identifying areas for continuous improvement and their related action plans.

The secure access to your account in our website allows you to track in real time not only the preparation of your orders but all your ongoing operations. Thus, you may reinforce your logistics, and receive accurate information about the pickup, delivery and geo-positioning of your carried freight.

As part of the supply chain, for our ordering customer, it is compulsory to track in real time the appropriate freight flow mainly in the case of transport of some specific goods such as food products, drugs, temperature-controlled products ...etc.
DSHTRANS involves property’s safety and its tracking in the value-added chain and the real performance status. Thus, being equipped with an effective tracking tool, the company ensures the integrity of freight against delivery errors and theft. Thanks to our customer space in our website, each client may track the status of its freight.
To achieve this challenge, tracking delivery drivers in the field is a key success to enhance turns and become more reactive.

Securing your freight also requires the application of procedures that respect the regulations, particularly the transport of high-risk products.
DSHTRANS enrolls in a dynamic of continuous improvement for working security. Therefore, we ensure to improve the security of the properties and the people and respect the hygiene and safety standards at work place.
For instance, we regularly train our staff to respect safety and hygiene rules and we are conducting periodic inspection of trucks and installations to prevent risks.


As a designer of customized innovative transport and logistics solutions, DSHTRANS shares its expertise to design customized, flexible and responsive answers with its clients. All our human resources and equipment of the company are enlisted so that the achievement of overall flow management becomes the asset of your supply chain.
Whatsoever the frequency of your deliveries, DSHTRANS offers you a wide range of solutions to save your time and help you manage your shipments.
Our team of experts takes into consideration your needs and offers you a comprehensive, adequate, fast and safe solution whether in express transport, on light vehicle or full truck in Morocco, Africa or Europe.


Every day, our drivers deliver parcels to professionals or individuals and through the implementation of rigorous process and the involvement of our teams; we ensure you to meet the due deadlines.


It is worth noting that some sectors have specific stakes and requirements, for that reason, DSHTRANS has developed close relationships with construction, health and large retailers operators ... to offer you the suitable solutions meeting your demand.


Exceptional shipment, extreme emergency, fragile goods, nonstandard logistics... Our team is committed to fulfill all your demands, 24h / 24 and 7d7, for operation in Morocco and abroad.

The present transport conditions exclude any liability of DSHTRANS and its employees or agents in case of loss, damage or delay in certain circumstances. Thus, DSHTRANS and limits its liability to the stipulated amounts where such liability is accepted and provided that the company receive claims notifications in tight deadlines. It is important that the shippers take note of these conditions and, if necessary, make insurances to protect their own interests.